Thing I Love Thursday

November 20, 2008 Tess Aquarium

In the spirit of trying to post more frequently I thought I'd try out this little things called "Things I Love Thursday" aka T.i.L.T which I found out about via Gala of iCiNG which is a really fun blog that I read all the time! Very positive and cheerful, and I love her hair!  So without further ado, and before it becomes Friday, here is my T.i.L.T!

*My coworker Kari for inspiring me to make a fort (see yesterday's post)! She also had her life long dream of sitting in a kiddie pool full a candy fulfilled for her birthday. To make things even better she brought in a bunch of candy to share, yay!! I don't know that I'll do a pool full of candy but the whimsy is definately inspirational!

*My puppy and roommates.  I'm very glad to live in an open, creative space full of interesting people who do creative things. And it doesn't hurt that Lily loves them all! Here's a pic I took while Ben serenaded Lily and I. (ps we have a swing! this is a slightly better pic, but no lily)

Any Afternoon

* dollar-a-pound clothing. Need I say more! Today I was toasty warm thanks to all the warm clothing I've gotten from there, and for nothing! It's not all practical, I just found a unitard with silver metallic hounds tooth on the bodice. It's fab!

* On that note, I'm loving unitards in general.  I bought my first one a few months ago and I just can't stop. Sadly, I think I have about 10 or more now! Except when I say sadly I mean happily and when I say 10 I mean more like 15.  They are so useful for layering, see exhibit a (which is sadly mostly covered but you get the point)


* Vitamins in the mail! My good friend Dara who is far far away in Seattle just sent me a care package full of vitamins! After getting bronchitis in October I'm bound and determined to have a healthy winter!

*  On the topic of health, here's a hilarious pic that has a message I need to remember!


* Pink! I love pink, I just did 2 of my walls pink so now I have a pink background to take photos against! Here's one of my roommate Dorothy (who is adorable, I plan on doing more portraits of her!) modeling a pink sweater I was planning on adding to my etsy shop pretty soon:


Anyway that is it for now! It's really nice to think about what I'm grateful for and what I'm liking right now! Pop over to iCiNG to read Gala's list which is full of lots of fun and interesting things!



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