Oh snap, here’s the crafts!

December 27, 2008 Tess Aquarium

I meant to post about the crafts I’ve been working on lately but forgot! Whoops! I’ve made lots of things lately, I am finally able to work in my studio. It’s been a long 4 months of very little productivity. Sadly most of the stuff I’ve made I haven’t taken pictures of! Here’s the only two things I managed to snap this past month!

Elephant scarf:

Elephant Scarf

Someone approached me about a pic they saw on craftster of me wearing an elephant scarf I received in a swap. They wanted to know where I got it or if I would sell it. Sadly I lost it 2 moves ago, and it’s a one off item, but I told him I could make him one and so I did! It’s chocolate velvet on back and chocolate and green velvet, tweed, velour, and tan with hearts knit patchwork with elephant appliques on the front. I thought it came out quite cute and it’s very warm which is good because the person who it’s for has an early morning paper route in Indiana!

Next up is the bag I made for a friend’s parents who are moving to Belgium.

Belgian Houses bags

I found the shirt in dollar-a-pound (best thing on earth) but it was far too small to be useful so I made it into a bag! It’s kind of silly and cute, I love that there is a lace house! Apparently his parents have seen all these houses except the fish shop.

I just found some really rad shirts that I’m going to make into bags so stay tuned! I’m most excited about the Zelda one!!

That’s all the crafts I have for now but if we remove the r and f from crafts we get cats so here’s some cat pics!



Maxine and Marilyn just moved to boston and I’m overjoyed! I missed my kitties so much and I’m glad they are here! Maxine has been quite adventurous and explores a lot of the building whereas Marilyn usually stays up on my bed (it’s 6 feet in the air, cat perfect!) and swats at the dog and maxine!

And this isn’t really a cat or craft but look how cute Lily is in her parka!!

Parka Dog

I’ll try to get a side view soon, you can’t see the hood in this pic and that’s the best part!



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