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Oh snap, here’s the crafts!

I meant to post about the crafts I’ve been working on lately but forgot! Whoops! I’ve made lots of things lately, I am finally able to work in my studio. It’s been a long 4 months of very little productivity. Sadly most of the stuff I’ve made I haven’t taken pictures of! Here’s the only two things I managed to snap this past month!

Elephant scarf:

Elephant Scarf

Someone approached me about a pic they saw on craftster of me wearing an elephant scarf I received in a swap. They wanted to know where I got it or if I would sell it. Sadly I lost it 2 moves ago, and it’s a one off item, but I told him I could make him one and so I did! It’s chocolate velvet on back and chocolate and green velvet, tweed, velour, and tan with hearts knit patchwork with elephant appliques on the front. I thought it came out quite cute and it’s very warm which is good because the person who it’s for has an early morning paper route in Indiana!

Next up is the bag I made for a friend’s parents who are moving to Belgium.

Belgian Houses bags

I found the shirt in dollar-a-pound (best thing on earth) but it was far too small to be useful so I made it into a bag! It’s kind of silly and cute, I love that there is a lace house! Apparently his parents have seen all these houses except the fish shop.

I just found some really rad shirts that I’m going to make into bags so stay tuned! I’m most excited about the Zelda one!!

That’s all the crafts I have for now but if we remove the r and f from crafts we get cats so here’s some cat pics!



Maxine and Marilyn just moved to boston and I’m overjoyed! I missed my kitties so much and I’m glad they are here! Maxine has been quite adventurous and explores a lot of the building whereas Marilyn usually stays up on my bed (it’s 6 feet in the air, cat perfect!) and swats at the dog and maxine!

And this isn’t really a cat or craft but look how cute Lily is in her parka!!

Parka Dog

I’ll try to get a side view soon, you can’t see the hood in this pic and that’s the best part!



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One more thiing

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What a Weekend

Let’s start with the weekend stats:

Blocks parked away from the Rock and Shop: 1.5
Trips from car to venue: 6
Degrees=1 million
New Crafty Friends!: too many to count, Raleigh is a wonderful place for awesome crafty gals!
Beers consumed: Enough that my head still hurts.
Mosquito Bites: 22, for real. I just counted.
Hours spent laying on Ileana’s Couch: Around 10.

The weekend began with driving up to Raleigh, and stopping at 2 gas stations to break 20’s for my cash box. I had plenty of change, but I must have raided it for bills to go thrift shopping….  When I go to Raleigh, it’s such a haul that I try to do as much as possible there.  Earlier in the week, I found some fabric I needed and on sale at Wish Upon a Quilt, and nearly ordered it, but then noticed that they were located in Raleigh!  So I stopped by there on my way to the Rock and Shop, and got all sorts of great fabrics! Everything was discounted (Fresh Cut for 7.25/yd!!), and the Flea Market Fancy was reduced to 3.99/yd! Needless to say, I bought them out.  I am super excited to get cutting, one of these is going to be a new dress for my friend Heather’s wedding, but I’m not telling, I don’t want anyone to know until it makes it’s debut!


Sometimes I think about something so hard, I miss a really important detail. Set up for the Rock and Shop began at 11, so I assumed it started at 12.  The quilt shop was quite a bit out of the way, so I didn’t leave there until 11:30.  I was in a panic, and of course kept getting stuck behind slow people, and arrived at about 11:45, parking about 1.5 blocks away and began carry/running my shop into the venue.  After 3 hectic trips back and forth, I noticed that the sign said 1, and that even the local vendors were still setting up, whew. I have a new display which is AMAZING.  I can fit all my small items on there, and it takes up hardly any room!

New Display!

The show went pretty well, but shows are always funny. I always end up making a bunch of one thing because I think that will get the best response, and something totally different ends up catching people’s attention.  I love to see peoples reactions, especially to the aprons.

After the Rock and Shop was over, and I got very extremely detailed directions from Jenny, (who’s day job is to make maps, she’s really good), to Ileana’s house for her bday party!! The party was a major blast, and I got to talk with so many awesome people, and toss beer cans off the deck yelling “overboard”! I don’t have any pictures of the party, but I do have a great picture of Ileana’s cat, Applejack:

Isn’t he a such a cutie patootie?  It’s nice to have kitty magic when you are sitting on a couch feeling miserable 🙂 After watching 1/2 of Rushmore, which cured all that ails me, I drove home and went to bed.  I’m still exhausted from working really hard all last week, then the long (but fun!) weekend!  Some times I am very envious of the animals who just lay there all day.  Marilyn is usually very reclusive, but today she wandered out of the linen closet and posed for some pictures.

Miss Marilyn
Pretty Kitty
Gazing upon her yard

I hope your weekend was well!

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Sleepy time!

Originally uploaded by madebytess.

Doesn’t Marilyn look so comfortable there on that box??  We have a cat stand by one window, but the twins of doom won’t share it without devolving into a spat withing about 1 second.  I put a cpu box by the other window a few weeks ago. It’s not that fancy, but the cats don’t mind! We are expert cardboard cat furniture fashioners.

I am working on aprons like crazy. I finished 7 earlier, and I am working on 9 more right now! I should get them done today, and I’ll try to photograph them tomorrow! That’s the hardest thing for me with the aprons, is the photography. I think I’ve got it figured out though! If only I could get the cats to model, they are so photogenic. Unfortunately I don’t think they’d enjoy it, and it would kind of defeat the purpose of keeping them out of the sewing room.

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