Fake Fruit? Faux Fruit?


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New Vintage Yummies!

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I’ll write soon!

I’ve had a series of misadventures involving a penguin, some cheese and a pair of the wrong trousers. Oh wait, that’s Grommit. . .

No really it was a misadventure with heat exhaustion, a broken camera card reader, and then a broken internet connection.  4 days without internet was maddening, sneaking into the coffee shop to use Ed’s computer because bf had the laptop…which also has the rough draft of my Atlanta write up! So, expect that up Monday!  I’m headed off to Raleigh to “Go Overboard” with miss Ileana!

I’ll leave you with this pic, Butterfly Head.  Ever since I saw the amazing hat Philip Treacy made for Alexander McQueen I wanted some butterflies. Alas I live in a small town where it’s difficult to find anything you want unless it’s vintage clothing which is actually a pretty okay trade off.  Anyway, my long time friend Becca (since jr high!!! that’s kinda crazy!) sent me these in the mail last week not knowing of my obsession.

365 Butterfly Head

Have a great weekend folks!

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In Hot-Lanta!

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Happy friday!

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New Stuff in the Shop!

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Seam Finishing and Summer

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Lily and Tess

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One more thiing

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Leaving for Richmond!

Hey guys! This is going to be very short. I am going to Richmond for the Spring Bada Bing in about 2.5 hours and I haven’t finished my sewing, packed or brushed my hair.  So here’s a few pictures of me with my hair done by my friend Jasmine and some outfits where my hair is brushed 🙂

Jasmine rocks, she cut and styled my hair and she did an AMAZING job!!

Jasmine did my hair!

Heather is very observant and noted that my sister and I are practically twins, save the hair. . .Check out this great mash up she did!

I finally admitted about 3 years ago when I saw a picture of the two of us sitting together that we MIGHT maaaybe have a family resemblance.  This proves that it is much, much more than that.

Moving on, because I had my hair did,  I decided to get a little fancy, too!  The Thai place here is really awesome and full of all those lovely gilded things and pictures of fancy pants royalty so my outfit fit in a bit.

365 New Pink 'do

Jasmine uses some hardcore hairspray, and I slept in the hair and wore it to school with out brushing it!! It might have been a bit less voluminous than the day before but it still looked pretty good!

wardrobe remix day 145

Okey Dokey, that’s it for now! I am making some brand new REUSE bags so here’s a sneaky peaky preview!

Always Remember, REUSE!

Time to get back to work, I got to finish these bags before we leave in 3 hours!! AHHH!!

Have a great weekend folks, and if you are in Richmond (or Driving distance) come say hi and see all the yummy handmade goods at the Spring Bada Bing!

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