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New Crafts and New Outfits!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a nice big post, sorry! It’s been busy for me and I still haven’t adjusted to the weather here in boston. More often then not I go out looking more homeless than glamorous.  It was seriusly affecting my mood so a few days ago I thought I’d think a bit more about what I was wearing and see if I could do warm and cute!

My first attempt was this outfit:

Wardrobe Remix

Detailed Shot:

WR details

What I’m wearing and where it’s from:

slip, cardigan, leggings (2 pair!) legwarmers: all from dollar a pound
shoes: naturalizers from my girl Dara in Seattle. Apparently it’s too steep there for her to wear them. My ankles are grateful, I twisted my right ankle 2 months ago during a misguided Blondie Conga line on cobblestones, the larger more stable heel makes these much more stable and of course more comfy, yay! I was a little chily in this outfit when I was outside, but only because I wanted to wear my cute pink/blue kids coat instead of my giant orange ugly puffy parka of hugeness. Once I got inside the restaurant (Grasshopper, vegan chinese!) i was just fine!

Moving on to my Christmas Eve outfit which isn’t really an example of how to stay warm in winter but a good example of how to be either very festive or very inappropriate (depends on the party, yah know?). I always say, or ever since 2 days ago I always say, red sequined bustiers are ALWAYS appropriate for Christmas Eve. Here we go! The outfit complete with goofy face!

Christmas Eve Wardrobe Remix

Last week I made a stir-fry with deep fried tofu. I turned around to get something and I had an EXPLOSION and got hit on the neck with flaming hot tofu! I didn’t think much of it until I took this pic and could see the burns from where it hit me! Oops! I photoshopped them out for your viewing pleasure. Lesson learned: make sure your tofu is dry before putting in the oil. Anyway, pic of my hairdo!

My Christmas Hairdo

The nice thing about damaged Barbie hair is that it’s very easy and fast to style. This is a bit sloppy but I’m no good with styling the back of my head, or protecting it from flaming tofu for that matter.

Here’s another more artistic detail shot. Look at me, I’m emo!

Christmas Closeup

Here’s the details of my outfit

slip: dollar a pound
skirt and bustier: garment district and both pretty damaged. I added d-rings to the back of the top because the zipper was broken AND it was too small.

People really loved it I was definitely the most decked out person there (this is not a new thing) and I’m so glad I realized 2 hours before the party that I had these in my “to fix” box.

Anyway, that’s it for now! I need to get ready for work. I’ll be posting again soon with some of the crafts I’ve been making recently!


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